Black and Blum Meal Prep Box


High-quality stainless steel, leak proof, microwave-safe meal-prep box for meal-prep food storage or on-the-go.

High-quality 18/8 stainless steel used in combination with a smooth rounded surface means these meal prep sets are microwave-safe.

100% leak proof and airtight, giving you peace of mind and keeping your food fresher for longer, helping you fight food waste.

Vacuum sealed lid lock is 100% leak proof, and keeps your food fresher for longer.

Both the boxes and their lids have been designed with tidy storage in mind. Different sizes will nest, same sizes will stack.

Not only are these boxes microwave-safe, but they’re also dishwasher, freezer and oven-safe.

Made from high-quality food-safe stainless steel, these bowls are surprisingly light but super tough and robust, with a rib wall detail for added strength.

It’s super easy to keep these containers clean, the lid seals are fully removable and easy to reattach.


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This microwavable Black and Blum Meal Prep Box is leak proof, dishwasher and oven-safe, and come in a range of sizes for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between. Lightweight, airtight and durable, they are perfect for meal prep, food storage, or simply eating on-the-go.
Innovative microwave-safe steel box (see FAQs for more info)
Easy storage: boxes and lids are stackable
Leak proof + airtight vacuum-sealed lid lock keeps food fresher for longer and gives you peace of mind when eating on-the-go
Dishwasher/Oven(exc. lid)/Freezer-safe
Semi-transparent lid to see your meals clearly
Multifunction: meal prep, food storage, on-the-go lunch box, oven container
High performance: lid lock vent means lid can stay on when microwaving which reduces heat time (compared with other stainless steel containers), and prevents splattering (no need for single-use cling film)
Easy-clean: fully removable seals

How does it work in the microwave?
We are so excited to introduce this range of microwave-safe steel bowls but understand you might have some hesitation using them, after all, we’ve always been taught to never microwave metal objects. But, this is only partly true. Some metal objects, with pointed and sharp edges, cause reflection and sparking with the microwave walls. However our meal prep sets have been designed in collaboration with our manufacturers to be perfectly smooth and round, so do not cause sparking. They adhere to extremely high safety standards and have been tested rigorously.

Is there anything I need to know about microwaving these boxes?
Yes, there’s a few things to consider when microwaving these boxes, from both a safety perspective and also to prolong the life of the product:

  • Any major dents (and we mean major) or deep scratches could make it unsuitable for the microwave, so watch out for these
  • Do not place any cutlery or foil with the bowls in the microwave, as these will cause sparking
  • Please ensure you only heat one box at a time for a max of 2 minutes before stirring to repeat. It will take slightly longer to heat your food in these boxes than regular plastic or glass, however as the lid can stay on (with lid lock open), they are faster than other steel boxes to heat.
  • Avoid cooking food which heat to extreme temperatures like popcorn or sugar, these can cause burns marks on the box
  • Avoid contact with any metal surface when microwaving, including a metal plate, metal racks or the microwave wall, this can cause sparking or burn marks on the box
  • Do not use bowl in the microwave when empty
  • Use microwaves up to 1000W
  • The box will be hot when you remove it from the microwave so you might want to use a tea towel or similar to protect your hands

Can I also microwave the lid?
You sure can, in fact this design feature means your food will also heat up faster. Just make sure you’ve got the lid lock popped open as steam and pressure can build up in the bowl when it’s heating up.

Are there any foods I should avoid when using these boxes in the microwave?
Yes, oily and acidic foods might cause staining on your lid. It will still work but it’s worth noting this – washing it immediately should clear them up though. Also definitely avoid foods which cook to high temperatures like popcorn and sugar as these can cause burns.

Are these boxes leak proof?
The vacuum sealed lid lock ensures this range is 100% leak proof and airtight, which also means your meal prepping will stay fresher for longer, additionally reducing food waste. Leak proof means peace of mind, and there’s no point using a reusable lunch box if you need to wrap it in a plastic bag!

Can I put them in the dishwasher, freezer and oven?
Absolutely, these sets are truly multifunctional and are safe in all three. In the dishwasher make sure you use the top rack for the lid, and the steel bowl is the only part which is oven-safe (not the lid).

How do I remove the lid?
To remove the lid you need to pop open the leak proof lid lock. This lid lock creates a vacuum seal within the bowl, so without breaking it, it should be nearly impossible to remove!

How do I look after my meal prep sets?
We advise washing all parts with warm soapy water before you use them for the first time. All seals and the lid lock valve (the grey silicone part ONLY, do not remove the actual lid button) are fully removable for deep cleaning. Do not use bleach, cleaners containing chlorine, abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on any part of the box as they may dull the finish and cause scratches. Be careful not to use sharp objects like knives directly on the steel as this can cause scratches.

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